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The word Blog is the combination of the words "Web" and "Log". Blogs are online journals covering a variety of topics, from daily happenings to editorials. Drupal provides a Blog entry for one or more individuals to create and keep a personal Web Logs.

Blog entries, like Stories, display author and date posted information. Blogs are typically promoted to the site's front page. Unlike Stories, each site user with Blog privileges has their own personal Blog archive page. Links to these archive pages are provided in the site Navigation menu, user profile pages, or the site's Primary link menu.

Blog posts are typically brief and touch on the author's personal thoughts, beliefs, preferences, and observations.

Once written, blog entries are rarely edited. Exceptions to this rule are sometimes made to correct erroneous information. It's common practice to note when updates are made at the beginning or end of the blog entry. These notices typically note what was changed and the date the entry was updated.